Vortrag: The Cues to Use for Empathic Accuracy

Im Rahmen unseres Kolloquiums hält Frau Professor Sara Hodges, Ph.D. (University of Oregon) einen Vortrag zum Thema: „The Cues to Use for Empathic Accuracy“. Der Vortrag findet am 06.06.19 von 14.15 – 15.45 Uhr im Raum I/7 im Studienzentrum in der Stintzingstraße statt. Abstract: Want to be a good mind reader? People generally show above-chance empathic accuracy – that is, accuracy at inferring what other people are thinking and feeling. However, their performance reflects the inherent difficulty of constructing something not directly accessible to them (i.e., the contents of other people’s heads). Unless you have superpowers, the best route to empathic accuracy is a decidedly mundane strategy: Build your inferences about the target person from content that is likely to overlap with what the target is actually thinking and feeling. Specifically, inferences are more likely to be accurate 1) when they resemble what a person in the target’s context would generally be thinking and feeling (i.e., inferences that are stereotypical) and 2) when they correspond to what the target person is saying out loud. This simple advice not only helps explain why it has been hard to find individual difference correlates of inference accuracy, but it also predicts conditions that will reliably hurt mind-reading success: when stereotypes are wrong; when targets don’t say what they are thinking; and when we don’t trust what the target is saying.