Vortrag: The communicative function of self-punishment

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Im Rahmen unseres Kolloquiums hält Frau Dr. Stefanie Hechler von der Universität Jena einen Vortrag zum Thema: „The communicative function of self-punishment“. Der Vortrag findet am 08.11.18 von 14.15 – 15.45 Uhr im Raum C202 in der Bismarckstr. 1 statt.


Self-punishment is a strategy to regulate offenders’ negative feelings about their wrongdoings. But how is it perceived from the outside?

In a series studies, the authors investigated the message of self-punishment to third-parties.

Specifically, they asked a) whether self-punishment sends a message of remorse via value restoration and status-self-degradation; b) whether this promotes justice restoration and reconciliation.

Results show that self-punishment communicates remorse and helps restoring jeopardizes relations. Compared to self-punishment, explicit messages from the offender convey a similar, but less ambiguous message.