Metaphern für Geschlechterungleichheit am Arbeitsplatz

Gefördert durch den Richard Benjamin Trust, 2013-2015


How the “glass ceiling” and other metaphors shape our understanding of, and reactions to, workplace gender inequality


Metaphors are extremely powerful communicative tools that shape our understanding of complex social phenomena. In organisational psychology, metaphors that describe workplace gender discrimination abound. The by now classic metaphor of the „glass ceiling“ is joined by all manners of metaphorical barriers to women’s advancement, such as „maternal walls“, „sticky floors“, or the „labyrinth“. All these metaphors draw our attention to individual women struggling to overcome impersonal structural barriers. This project combines qualitative and quantitative methods to examine how these metaphors shape our understanding of gender inequality in the workplace and the interventions we develop to redress it.


Bruckmüller, S., Ryan, M. K., Haslam, S. A., & Peters, K. (2013). Ceilings, cliffs and labyrinths: Exploring metaphors for workplace gender discrimination. In: M.K. Ryan & N.R. Branscombe (Eds.), Handbook of Gender and Psychology (pp. 450-464). London: Sage.

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