Gastvortrag: Dr. Marlene Sophie Altenmüller (LMU München)

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Im Rahmen unseres Kolloquiums laden wir Sie herzlich zum Gastvortrag von Dr. Marlene Sophie Altenmüller (LMU München), zum Thema Motivated science reception and trust in science“ ein.

Der Vortrag findet am 12.12.23, von 14.15 – 15.45 Uhr, in Präsenz im Seminarraum 2.219 und hybrid in der Nägelsbachstr. 49b in Erlangen statt.


Meeting-ID: 658 5028 4018

Kenncode: 020896



Motivated science reception and trust in science

We all like to see the world in a way that fits with our preexisting beliefs – this is also true for how we receive science. Scientific evidence which contradicts preexisting beliefs is questioned or even rejected, while evidence that supports preexisting beliefs is uncritically accepted. In my talk, I will present a series of research projects demonstrating how such motivated science reception is one of the biggest challenges for trust in science. First, I will show how one and the same information (i.e., researchers’ disclosure of engaging in “me-search”) can be instrumentalized for up- and devaluing researchers. Laypeople even preemptively withdraw their trust in findings that are not yet known. Second, I will present how everyone seems to be similar at risk of this bias – a range of theoretically relevant personality traits does not modulate the tendency to receive science in a motivated manner. Third, I will discuss on-going research on possible interventions for alleviating the motivated rejection and uncritical acceptance of science.